Holly Village President Thomas McKenney is seeking reelection in the Nov. 3 election. John Lauve is

challenging him. Seven candidates are vying for the three available council member seats.

 Incumbents Robert Allsop and Debra Musgrave are seeking reelection as councilmember. Incumbent and write-in candidate Ryan John Shiel also is seeking reelection. Other candidates include Ryan J. Delaney, Josh Murphy, James Perkins and Cal Steele.


Thomas McKenney, incumbent

Age: 68

Years lived in Holly Village: 68 years minus, college and law school

Education/Degrees: B.A., University of Notre Dame and J.D., Michigan State University College of Law

Employment: Self-employed at the law firm McKenney & McKenney

Family: My wife Jane and I have four adult children.

 Two years ago, I asked for the support of voters who value public safety, public works and sustainable development that is respectful of our history and natural resources. I have worked with my fellow council members to achieve specific goals that support those values. We have a new fire hall. Jerry Narsh has assumed duties as Chief of Police. The village council voted unanimously to add a full time police officer. There has been substantial redevelopment in Holly, increasing property values and bringing jobs. The Village has taken the lead in the effort to relocate and restore the historic Holly Depot as an accessible community asset. I will continue to support public safety, public works and sustainable development; to value fixing the problem more than fixing blame; and to choose at every opportunity collaboration over accusation, confrontation and name-calling.

John Lauve

Age: 79

Years lived in Holly Village: 30-year Holly resident

Education: UofM AeroSpace Engineering graduate, Army Officer Training – Vietnam

Employment: Retired GM executive. Restored and saved from demolition several Holly historic buildings

 Long-term opposition to current village mis-management. I have been around (the world, too) and know what is wrong and how to fix it. Current management refuses to improve. More of the same gets the same. The water rates are too high. The water rates will be cut immediately. $211,000 was wasted on attorney fees. $100,000 for new welcome signs. The village provides a Cadillac for the manager. Village parking lot was improperly given away. Your vote is the only way it will get better. I cannot do this alone, you must also help elect Allsop, Perkins and Steele for the council.

 American Pickers told the Lauve story on the Dec. 26, 2016 episode, and can be viewed at americanpickers.com Season 16, Episode 13 (last segment)

COUNCIL MEMBER CANDIDATES – Choose up to 3 for a 4-year term

Ryan J. Delaney

Age: 32

Years lived in Holly Village: 2

Education/Degrees: BA in English Literature (Michigan State University), Michigan Teaching Certificate (Schoolcraft College), MA in Theology (Sacred Heart Major Seminary, in progress)

Employment: Secondary English and History Teacher, Flint Community Schools

Family: Wife, Allison, and two children, ages 6 and 1.

 I have always been service-oriented, and I would like to give back to the Holly community by being our residents’ representative on Village Council. Being a teacher requires certain “soft skills.” Every day brings new challenges, which often require an immediate and creative solution. I frequently have multiple irons in the fire at any given time. Most of all, it is my ability to listen and to make a personal investment in others’ needs that has served me well as a professional educator, and I believe will serve me well as your village councilman. If elected, I would like to collaborate with the Township to enact common-sense proposals that benefit the whole Holly community, to ensure that every resident’s voice is heard and their concerns are addressed, and to make our local government more transparent and accountable, particularly when it comes to issues of public health and safety.

James Perkins

Age: 55

Years lived in Holly Village: My wife Julie and I bought our home in Holly in 1997.

Family: We have two grown children, and I have a daughter from a previous marriage, and four grandchildren.

Education/Degrees: After graduation from Rochester Adams high school, I joined the Army, where I served as a military police officer.

Employment: After my time in the army, I started a small contracting business, and I’m still at it 34 years later. I was also the village of Holly president. I learned so much in such a short time, and loved serving the community. Due to a family illness, I stepped aside. I would very much like to finish what I started, doing what’s right for the people of Holly. Thank you. James Perkins for Village Council.

Calvin (Cal) Steele

Age: 66

Years lived in Holly Village: 8 years

Education/Degrees: Waterford Mott (1972), trade classes OCC

Employment: Retired Accument Global Technology (Health and Safety Coordinator), Crossing Guard at

Patterson Elementary (Crossing Grandpa)

Family: Married 47 years to Kathy, two beautiful daughters Kimberly (Waterford) and Andrea (Holly), seven beautiful grandchildren and two wonderful great grandchildren

 I am blessed to live in this community. There are so many opportunities to be involved in. I am a three-year planning commissioner, and I’m on on the board for the Dickens Festival. I have always tried to make Holly top priority, to do the best things for Holly and our residents. I believe that if voted in to fill a seat on council, I will promise you I will do my darndest to see Holly succeed and you as residents my top priority. You all have voices. Holly is a great place, but it takes everyone to keep it great. I will listen and do my best to use and complete your suggestions. We as a whole have to work together. Your voice is just as important as anyone else’s is. We have issues that need to be addressed. I cannot do it alone but hopefully as a group we can make Holly a place for families to grow and prosper.

Robert Allsop

 I have been the lone Council vote when the people needed help. I worked to rebuild the failed car show into a popular event and with the Halloween season for the community and kids.

Debra Musgrave

Josh Murphy 

Ryan John Shiel


– 2-year term

Buster Winebrenner

Age: 75

Years lived in Holly Village: 35

Education: Three years US Army, Flint Police Academy

Employment: GM hourly and salaried, Holly Village Police Officer 28 years, retired

 I learned first-hand insights into how our village runs. Please help me change our village council. People need a voice in our government, that has failed us. There are a number of issues that have to be addressed.

• The detective position must be restored to the police department.

• Roads need a comprehensive plan to be fixed.

• Village Mill Pond Dam needs the overdue repairs made immediately.

 Until we change our council, I see nothing being done. One person cannot fix it alone. I am supporting the following candidates for the four-year council terms; Jim Perkins, Cal Steele, and Robert Allsop. I also support John Lauve for Village president.

Current Holly Village Council

Thomas McKenney, president

Debra Musgrave, councilmember

Richard Kinnamon, councilmember

Robert Allsop, councilmember

Rick Powers, councilmember

Ryan Shiel, councilmember

Suzanne Heiple, councilmember

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