When it comes to college readiness, today’s Fenton High School seniors tested better than the other three area high schools in English. In math, Holly students tested better than those in the Fenton, Lake

Fenton and Linden districts.

 The Michigan Department of Education has released results from 2019 SAT tests administered to 11th- graders (now seniors) in the spring.

 The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is the state standardized test in math and English language arts (ELA) for those grades in public schools.

 Michigan’s SAT scores showed declines in both both English language arts and math. In ELA, 55 percent of students throughout the state scored at “college-readiness” status compared to 58 percent in 2018. In math, 36 percent tested as “college ready” compared to 37 percent last year.

 Fenton Area Public Schools Superintendent Adam Hartley said, “Our teaching staff continues to work hard and we continue to look for gaps in both our curriculum and instructional practices in all subjects.  

 “Our students take both the state and national assessments seriously as they continue to work hard to achieve their post secondary goals,” he said. “Our SAT scores ranked in the Top 4 in the county in both ELA (first) and math (fourth) for SAT scores from the spring of 2019.  The college readiness scores from the state are based on a benchmark that is different depending on which college a student attends.”  

 The “college ready” score represents a 75 percent likelihood of achieving at least a C in first-semester, credit-bearing college courses in related subjects and course work, Hartley said. “The study was conducted with 2,150 students at 15 four-year institutions.  While our college ready score for math (42 percent) was near the top in the county and above the state score (36.3 percent), we will continue to look to assess and dissect our scores so we may align both our curriculum and instructional practices to the expectations our post secondary institutions are looking for in our students.”

 Linden Community Schools Superintendent Russ Ciesielski said, “Overall, I am very proud of our students and their achievements on the SAT test.  Our teachers work very hard to improve on the learning and educational process of our students.  It is a team effort, K through 12. 

 “Our students are achieving above the state average and are continually improving, year after year,” Ciesielski said. “Again, this is a testament to the continuous improvement our teachers are doing to make sure our students are prepared for opportunities once they leave Linden schools. We continuously look at student data, at all levels, to find ways to improve on teaching and learning.”

 Scott Roper, superintendent for Holly Area Schools said, “We are proud to provide all students with new, diverse learning opportunities, real-world experience and skills needed to compete for 21st century jobs. With that in mind, we are very proud of our 2019 SAT and college-readiness scores.

 “We are also excited to see our college-readiness percentages increase in both math and English,” Roper said. “While we are pleased with last year’s growth, we continue to strive to help our students improve in math, reading and all core areas as they plan for bright futures, whether that means college, technical school, apprenticeships or jobs right after graduation.

 “We’ve added specialist positions in literacy and math to enhance our teaching practices and data integration,” he said. “This, among other efforts, supports our building and district improvement plans, which include a focus on growth in English Language Arts and math. We are proud of our students and staff for their continued efforts to improve, and we will continue providing a positive, nurturing learning environment to keep them on track for success.”

  Lake Fenton Superintendent Julie Williams said, “Our high school has made great strides in the last two years and I am very proud of all the work our staff and students have done. We are headed in a positive direction and we will continue to work and focus on improving education and learning for our kids.”

SAT stats By high school

The highest possible score that can be earned on the SAT is 1600 points. To get this score, a student must earn a perfect 800 on each of the two sections: Math, and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW), or ELA (English Language Arts).

Fenton High School

Number tested: 276

Average total SAT score: 1041.3

Percent college ready: 42%

Average math score: 510.1

• Percent college ready math: 42%

Average SATS English score: 531.2

• Percent college ready English: 73.9%

Holly High School

Number tested: 254

Average total SAT score: 1039.6

Percent college ready: 45.3%

Average math score: 512.3

• Percent college ready math: 46.5%

Average SAT English score: 527.3

• Percent college ready English: 67.3%

Lake Fenton High School

Number tested: 169

Average total SAT score: 990.2

Percent college ready: 33.1%

Average math score: 491.2

• Percent college ready math: 36.7%

Average SAT English score: 499

• Percent college ready English: 60.9%

Linden High School

Number tested: 204

Average total SAT score: 1005.3

Percent college ready: 36.8%

Average math score: 489.9

• Percent college ready math: 37.3%

Average SAT English score: 515.5

• Percent college ready English: 64.2%

Source: Michigan Dept. of Education

Top 5 in the state

 Schools in Oakland, Macomb, Washtenaw and Kent counties top the list of public high schools with the highest average SAT scores in 2019, according to data recently released by the Michigan Department of Education. 

 This is the fourth year that all Michigan public high school juniors have taken the SAT, which serves as a college entrance exam and a state English language arts and math assessment.

  Michigan’s average total SAT score was 985 in 2019, with an average score of 496 on the English language arts test and 489 on the math test, 

1. Oakland International Academy: 1333 average SAT score, with an average math score of 684 and an average English language arts score of 649. Based on SAT scores, 99% tested as fully college ready. 

2. International Academy of Macomb: 1269 average SAT score, with an average math score of 650 and an average English language arts score of 620. Based on SAT scores, more than 95% tested as fully college ready. 

3. Washtenaw International High School: 1234 average SAT score, with an average math score of 612 and an average English language arts score of 622. Based on SAT scores, 74% tested as fully college ready.

4. Grand Rapids City High School: 1219 average SAT score, with an average math score of 606 and an average English language arts score of 613. Based on SAT scores, 81% tested as fully college ready. 

5. Troy High School: 1214 average SAT score, with an average math score of 621 and an average English language arts score of 592. Based on SAT scores, 74% tested as fully college ready. 

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