Genphoto Garage sale

 It’s here, the season diehard garage- and yard-salers have been waiting for. But there is a difference this year, something new that people could never imagine or anticipate — a deadly virus raging through the country.

 This makes it doubly concerning for the many people who have spent their time stuck at home cleaning closets and decluttering in general.

 There is, however, advice from health departments around the country on how to hold a garage or yard sale keeping your safety and the safety of guests in mind:

• Display posters to remind customers about social distancing.

• Tables and chairs should be at least 6 feet apart.

• Let the size of your garage determine how many people you will allow inside at one time. Write that information on your poster. If possible and weather-permitting, hold your sale outside in the driveway or yard.

• Use tape to direct visitors through the sale.

• Disinfect all merchandise before putting it out for sale.

• Disinfect items that are touched frequently throughout the day.

• Clean tables and chairs throughout the day.

• Supply hand sanitizer on tables and elsewhere for customers.

• Wear masks and disposable gloves. If possible, keep a small supply of disposable masks on hand for customers who may wish to wear one but forgot to bring their own.

• Designate one person to take money from customers, and make sure they wash their hands after every transaction.

• If using credit/debit cards through an app, it’s important to sanitize cellphones.

 For those attending garage sales, be courteous of the host and respect their wishes. Be sure to disinfect your purchases upon returning home.

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