The rock stacks, “volcano” and other unique landscape architecture at the Stewart Melrose home in downtown Fenton has caught the attention of nationally renowned photographer Carol Highsmith.

 Highsmith, who has spent her entire life photographing images capturing America, is compiling a visual documentary of all 50 states in “Carol M. Highsmith’s America.”

 This historic photographic archive will be among the top six in the Library of Congress, including Civil War photography by Matthew Brady and America’s Depression photographer, Dorothea Lange.

 It will be permanent photographic record of life in America in the 21st century, documenting architecture and landscape. “We are very proud and honored to bring this kind of attention to the city (of Fenton),” Stewart said.

 There’s an interesting story behind the latest rock stack in Stewart’s landscape — one that was made from stone brought back from his Elk Hunt trip in September 2019 with his 84-year-old father, Howard.

 This was the duo’s 50th Elk Hunt in

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, and the first time the event didn’t include Howard’s older brother, Tom, unable to make the trip this year due to health reasons.

 The father-son returned to the White River National Forest, where in 1973, Howard had led a movement to protect this area from motorized vehicles, making it accessible only by foot and by horseback. He was one of the last surviving members of this trailblazing group, Stewart said.

 Howard also is the oldest man to have traversed one of the most challenging trails, taking him from an altitude of 8,000 to 13,000 feet.

 “It was an amazing hunt,” Stewart said. “Friends and old guides came to our camp to pay tribute to him. I’m so proud of him. It’s quite an accomplishment to endure such a trip.”

 And the stones brought back will memorialize the event forever in this national photographic display.

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