Opposition to a rezoning request is growing in Tyrone Township.

 The Tyrone Township Planning Commission has been requested to rezone vacant land in order to create an asphalt manufacturing plant and warehouses. A preliminary review began during the planning commission’s meeting via Zoom on Tuesday, Feb. 9.

 Several residents spoke against the rezoning request during public comment time of the Tyrone Township Board of Trustees meeting Tuesday, Feb. 16.

 The planning commission held another Zoom meeting Wednesday, Feb. 17, however, this issue was not an agenda item. It was brought up during public comment time at the end of the meeting.

 The property is currently zoned Farm Residential (FR) and is owned by Newman TTP, LLC. The prospective buyer of the property, Jon C. Sawyer of Lansing, is asking the township to rezone the vacant land to Heavy Industrial (M2).

 Parcel 47-4-17-40-007 is 30 acres and sits just north of Center Road and west of Old U.S. 23. This would be the southern most portion of the Capital Asphalt project being developed by Tri-City Developments.

 A traffic study for the proposed asphalt plant indicates access to the property would be from Old U.S. 23. Hours of operation would be 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. The number of employees would be 40, and between six and eight trucks would come and go per hour during business hours.

 To the north of the above parcel is parcel 47-4-17-40-001. It is approximately 75 acres. The developer is requesting the southern most 54.5 acres of the 75 acres be rezoned to M2. They are requesting the northern most 20 acres be rezoned RM1 (multiple family residential) to act as a transitional zoning and buffer to the development.

 The sale of the property is contingent on the rezoning. Dan Callan, who is representing the owner of the property, said the land has been for sale for three years and there has been no interest from buyers. He said the small parcels on the northern area could be sold to small businesses, such as landscapers. He said there has been no demand for residential, retail or office space in this area.

 Following the Feb. 9 meeting, several residents joined forces to create yard signs showing their opposition and a Facebook page called Citizens Resisting Asphalt Plant (C.R.A.P.) was established. More than 2,000 people have joined the page to share their concerns and to ask questions.

 Tyrone Township resident Donna Fialka said she heard the news about the plan to request rezoning for the asphalt plant. She then posted the information on a couple of community Facebook pages and the response was overwhelming

 “Someone suggested starting a group page, so Citizens Resisting Asphalt Plant was born on the spur of the moment,” she said. “In 24 hours we had 2,000 members and our numbers continue to grow. We are trying to raise awareness and garner community support in opposition to the plan.

 “We feel the risk and adverse effects on the community’s health, property values, roads and quality of life in general, far outweighs any potential benefits.

What’s next?

 The planning commission will be required to hold at least one public hearing for each rezoning application. At this time, it has not yet been determined whether additional information will be required prior to holding a public hearing, but is anticipated that Township consultant and agency reviews may be necessary prior to holding the public hearings. Following the required public hearings, the Planning Commission would prepare a report on the application and any additional reviews, which would include a recommendation to the Township Board and Livingston County Planning Commission.

 Following review of the report and a recommendation by the Livingston County Planning Commission, the information would be forwarded to the Township Board for final consideration. At that time, the Board may require additional public hearing(s) to be held prior to taking any action on the request.

 The Township Board could then take one of the following actions; approval, disapproval, or referral. If the Township Board moves to refer the application back to the Planning Commission for additional review, the Planning Commission would follow the procedure set forth in Section 29.02.E.3 of the Tyrone Township Zoning Ordinance.

 Residents may email any questions to the Planning and Zoning Department at zoning@tyronetownship.us. If anyone would like to ask questions by phone, call (810) 629-8631.

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