Fenton — Have you driven every street in Fenton? Better yet, have you walked every street?

 One Fenton resident, Dan Taylor, can say he has. 

 From the middle of June to early September, Taylor walked every street in the city, equipped with a map he picked up from city hall. He marked the routes as he traversed them. 

 At the Tuesday, Sept. 3 Fenton work session, he described the experience to the Fenton City Council. 

 “Since June 15, I’ve walked every city street in city limits,” he said. “I didn’t just step on them. I walked all the way to the end.”

 He started on Caroline Street and walked to a few destinations, like State Road Elementary where his wife works. When he ran out of destinations, he went to city hall and got the map that showed the city limits. 

 “I’m not here to bad mouth the city. I’m here to say we live in a really great city. I would say 95 percent of people in the city of Fenton take care of their homes. Their lawns are mowed … their houses are painted,” Taylor said. “It’s virtually litter-free. I saw very little litter in the city of Fenton, except for on Torrey Road along the expressway, so that’s nonresidents that don’t care.”

 The city has approximately 60 miles of street. All in all, he said he walked about 107 miles. 

 Taylor’s motivation was losing weight. From April 1 to June 15, he lost 28 pounds and wanted to lose more for his daughter’s wedding. He lost about four inches from his belt. 

 “I really did it because I felt like I needed to have a destination to walk to,” he said. 

 One of his favorite routes was Oak Street and Pine Street because of the hills. 

 “Oak Street does not have any oak trees on it,” he said, drawing laughs from the council and audience. “I didn’t get attacked by any dogs. There’s a lot of American flags that fly in the city of Fenton. I think we live in a very unique city and I’m really proud to say I’m a resident of Fenton.”

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