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Holly Township Supervisor George Kullis keeps the residents updated with photos of the reconstruction of N. Holly Road, a $4.478 million project to rebuild the road between just north of Grange Hall Road north to the township border. 

 On Wednesday, Aug. 26, Holly Township Supervisor George Kullis completed a drive up and down N. Holly Road in Holly Township to assess the rebuilding of the road.

 The $4.478-million project rebuilds N. Holly Road from just north of Grange Hall Road north to the county line. The project began in June and will be completed this fall. It’s to be completed in two stages, with each stage closed to through traffic while it is under construction.

 The first stage is the section from just north of Grange Hall Road to Belford Road. The second stage will be from Belford north to the county line.

 During the Grange Hall Road to Belford Road closure, traffic accessing homes and businesses within the closed section will be allowed to travel to and from their destinations. The detour for through traffic will be Grange Hall Road to Dixie Highway to Baldwin Road (in Genesee County) and back to N. Holly Road and vice versa.

 The closure of this section of North Holly Road is expected to last until approximately the week of Sept. 1. At that point, the closure will shift to the section of North Holly from Belford Road north to the county line.

 On Aug. 26, when Kullis went out to assess the road work, he noted that there was no water over the road in any of the previous troubled spots. The one spot where there was a problem was in front of the Baptist church where new drain was installed. Once the DPW cleared the drain of leaves and debris the water was gone.

 “The rebuild of this road does not guarantee that there will never be water on the road, its purpose is to help it drain off quicker and to that, mission accomplished,” Kullis said.

 There is one area that will still flood in the event of a big rain and that is by the horse farm. That has to do with and old drain that needs replacing and we are working on that as well.

 On Friday, Aug. 28, Kullis said he was alerted to some flooding at just after 6 a.m. The area saw substantial rainfall. He drove over to the trouble spot and realized that the drain was clogged with leaves as a result of the heavy rainfall. Kullis pulled out the leaves and within a few minutes the drain was working as designed.

 Kullis said they are working on the drain issue by the horse farm.

 This was a $3,750,000 project at the beginning with a $3,000,000 Tiger grant and a 10-percent match from both Road Commission of Oakland County (RCOC) and Holly Township. The difference between the $3.75 million, from the beginning and the final bid price of $4.478 million will be covered by RCOC. Kullis said Holly Township has an agreement with RCOC to make payments of $37,500.00 for 10 years so it won't put a strain on our budget. 

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