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The Randy Wise Automotive Team celebrates its newest location in Grand Blanc, formerly known as Grand Blanc Motorcars. 

 GRAND BLANC — The Randy Wise Automotive Team has announced it is starting the engines on their newest location in Grand Blanc, formerly known as Grand Blanc Motorcars.

 This location will be known as Randy Wise Motorcars, BMW of Grand Blanc, Mercedes Benz of Grand Blanc and Randy Wise Toyota.

 Randy Wise Motorcars will be the eighth location Randy Wise has acquired over the course of his 32 years as a dealer and 51 years of automotive experience as a whole.

 This will expand the Randy Wise Automotive Team to 8 locations and 13 brands across three counties.

 “Randy and I are so excited to have the Grand Blanc Motorcars Team onboard. Dave Isbell has established a tremendous group of caring and hardworking employees that put the customer at the center of everything they do. We look forward to growing the Randy Wise Team with three world class companies and can't wait to get going,” said Vice President Chris Wise.

 The location is the former Grand Blanc Motorcars. It was known for its superb selection of new Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Toyota models. Chris Hunt, General Manager, has been a part of the Grand Blanc Motorcars organization for 5.5 years now.

 “I could not be more proud to represent the BMW, Mercedes and Toyota brands,” said Hunt. “The product and their philosophies are the pinnacle of the automotive industry. It is not only an honor, but a pleasure to be a part of their tradition and legacy. I am really looking forward to the growth opportunity that partnering with the Randy Wise Automotive Team affords our employees and customers.”

 Randy Wise Automotive will be adding 77 employees to the team, growing to over 400 team members.

 “It’s great to be a part of this amazing organization and work with Randy and Chris. Huge congratulations to them and all their team members that we welcome to the Wise Family,” said Joe Greene, Randy Wise Automotive Team executive manager. “I have been proud to be a part of this growth from 1989 until present. Congrats Randy, Chris, Kathy and Elizabeth on this new store.”

 The Randy Wise Automotive Team is named the #1 Donating Dealer to the United Way of Genesee County, as they have greatly contributed to organizations like this over the course of their 32 years in business.

 Randy and Chris Wise have a huge passion for community outreach and look forward to spreading their contributions among the Grand Blanc area.

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