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Residents of the Horizon Lakes Airpark park their cars and airplanes in these small attached hangars, allowing them to taxi out to the runway.

 Fenton Twp. — Horizon Lakes Airpark at Price’s Airport has been given the green light to build 15 new individual hangars for aircraft.

 The Fenton Township Board of Trustees voted unanimously in favor of the request at its meeting May 20. The proposed amendment is consistent with the existing Planned Unit Development (PUD) ordinance, and the Planning Commission recommended approval.

 Currently, the airport has two large hangars more than 50 years old that accommodate seven aircraft. These new individual hangars will be purchased and used by the public who don’t live at the park.

 Hangars will range in size from 50- by 50-feet, 60- by 60-feet, and 70- by 70-feet, the traditional box shape. There will be paved access to each hangar, which will be shared with vehicles coming and going. Materials relating to aeronautical activity, such as balloon and skydiving equipment, and maintenance equipment for the planes can be stored. Users can store other items in the hangars, such as vehicles and boats, as long as a plane is stored there.

 The maximum square footage for these hangars cannot exceed 116,980 square feet, and the maximum height cannot exceed 38 feet in height.

 Cody Welch, who co-developed the air park, hopes to start construction this summer.

 At the May 6 meeting, Welch spoke about this and how it signifies recovery after the recession.

 “When there’s finally some economic activity, people are buying more cars and more houses. We’re kind of the last beneficiary to get an uptick,” he said.

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