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Senate Bill 110: Authorize protection of incapacitated person’s access to family

To establish that if a court-appointed guardian who is responsible for overseeing the care and custody of an incapacitated individual denies a relative of that person access to the individual, a court may appoint a limited guardian to supervise access with the relative.

Under current law, a court can appoint a full guardian if necessary to provide for an individual’s continuing care and supervision, or a partial guardian if the person has the capacity to do some but not all of the tasks necessary to care for himself or herself.

Passed 38 to 0 in the Senate

Sen. Ruth Johnson (R-Dist. 14)  YES

Sen. Jim Runestad (R-Dist. 15)  YES

Sen. Lana Theis (R-Dist. 22)  YES

Sen. Jim Ananich (D-Dist. 27) YES

Sen. Ken Horn (R-Dist. 32) YES

House Bill 4315: Authorize sanctions for disarming police officer

To authorize an enhanced penalty of 10 years in prison and a $5,000 fine for taking a law enforcement or corrections officer’s gun by force, or injuring an officer in the attempt, which would be added to penalties imposed for the underlying crimes. A fiscal agency bill summary reports a recent incident where a prisoner being taken to court leaped from the transport van, pinned an officer against another vehicle and tried to grab his gun. Under current law, the penalty is the same for knocking a gun out of an officer’s grip and for trying to take the gun.

Passed 106 to 3 in the House

Rep. Hank Vaupel (R-Dist. 47) YES

Rep. Mike Mueller (R-Dist. 51) YES

House Bill 4389: Mandate fire department PFAS reporting and more

To require fire departments that use fire-fighting foam containing chemicals called PFAS to report details of each use to the state Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) within 48 hours. Also, to require the agency to establish a free collection program for firefighting foams containing the chemicals, and then properly dispose of them, contingent on legislative appropriations to pay for it.

Passed 106 to 2 in the House

Rep. Hank Vaupel (R-Dist. 47) YES

Rep. Mike Mueller (R-Dist. 51) YES

House Bill 4390: Restrict fire department PFAS use in training

To prohibit the use of fire-fighting foam containing chemicals called PFAS in firefighter training, and require state firefighter training to include instruction on the safe use and disposal of such products.

Passed 104 to 4 in the House

Rep. Hank Vaupel (R-Dist. 47) YES

Rep. Mike Mueller (R-Dist. 51) YES

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