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Senate Bill 229: Ban “dismemberment abortion”

To include “dismemberment abortion,” otherwise known as “dilation and evacuation” or D&E, in the acts specified in the state’s ban against late-term “partial birth” abortions. Unless it is to save the life of the mother, providers who perform the procedure would be liable to two years in prison and a $50,000 fine; a woman who seeks or obtains an abortion would have no criminal or civil liability.

Passed 22 to 16 in the Senate

Sen. Ruth Johnson (R-Dist. 14) YES

Sen. Jim Runestad (R-Dist. 15) YES

Sen. Lana Theis (R-Dist. 22) YES

Sen. Jim Ananich (D-Dist. 27) NO

Sen. Ken Horn (R-Dist. 32) YES

House Bill 4320: Ban “dismemberment abortion”

The House version of the proposal to include “dismemberment abortion” in the acts prohibited by the state’s ban on late-term “partial birth” abortions. This is a separate bill but its provisions are the same as Senate Bill 229, described above.

Passed 58 to 51 in the House

Rep. Hank Vaupel (R-Dist. 47)  YES

Rep. Mike Mueller (R-Dist. 51)   YES

Senate Bill 106: Ban selling “e-cigarettes” to minors

To ban selling or giving minors electronic “vapor products” (“vapes”) or any device that delivers nicotine. The bill would also authorize imposing 16 hours of community service and a “health promotion and risk reduction assessment program” on a minor who possesses or tries to buy a nicotine vapor product, along with a $50 fine. The community service penalty would double and triple for second and subsequent offenses, but the fine would still be $50. A person who sells tobacco or vapes to a minor would be subject to fines of $100 to $2,500 for a third offense.

Passed 100 to 9 in the House

Rep. Hank Vaupel (R-Dist. 47)  YES

Rep. Mike Mueller (R-Dist. 51)  YES

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