Matthew Wrosch, 47, of Owosso, was arraigned on three charges Wednesday, April 28 by Judge Kelly Kostin in Oakland County 52-2 District Court, via Zoom.

 Wrosch was charged with one count of disturbing a school, one count of creating a disturbance at a school and failing to leave upon request, and one count of resisting/obstructing a police officer.

 He pleaded not guilty and requested a jury trial through his attorney, Bradley Friedman. The judge scheduled a pretrial for May 26 at 2:10 p.m. and trial tentatively for June 7 at 8:30 a.m.

 The judge ordered a $2,000 personal bond, which includes having no contact with Holly schools, cannot leave Michigan without the court’s permission, no alcohol, no illegal drugs and no firearms or other dangerous weapons.

 The charges stem from an incident March 10 in Holly Village.

 Wrosch appeared at the Holly Area Schools administration offices, Karl Richter Campus and Holly Village offices. He filmed a 50-minute video with his interaction with Holly police officers and then posted his video on social media. As of Friday, April 30, the video on YouTube had 15,569 views.

 Holly Police Chief Jerry Narsh authorized posting the man’s video on the police department’s Facebook page to be transparent with the incident. The chief wrote, “On Wednesday, March 10 the man making this video appeared at the Holly Schools Administration offices and Village offices. This building is also an active school housing our special needs curriculum. The man approached active school classrooms and staff causing a disruption of school operations. The staff and students were placed in lockdown, not knowing his intentions. The village of Holly has ordinances protecting school operations and students from disruption. The officer was justified in making a physical custody arrest, but chose to de-escalate the encounter by allowing him to leave. Multiple criminal charges have been filed, with a court date pending. Holly officers acted in full authority and compliance within law to protect our students and staff.” 

 As previously reported, Narsh said, “The superintendent approached the man (Wrosch) who was uncooperative and argumentative on his actions and intentions, resulting in a call to Holly Police Department.

 “As officers were arriving to the school, they were aware of these facts and that by definition, this person was already in violation of the Holly Village Ordinances that he is being charged with.

 “The responding officers acted with care and caution, while ensuring the safety of students and staff. They also fairly and effectively enforced the law in a manner that was calm and professional at all times.”

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