Traffic on Owen Road turned chaotic Thursday morning after a landscape truck hit the traffic light at the Target driveway and then struck the traffic light at Donaldson Drive at approximately 10:15 a.m.

 The circumstances as to why the landscape truck struck the traffic lights are under investigation.

 Traffic lights were left dangling and the Fenton Fire Department was dispatched to sweep up debris covering the road.

 Eastbound traffic on the overpass over U.S. 23 slowed to a near standstill as the traffic light for those vehicles was damaged.

 The Genesee County Road Commission was advised of the crashes and a crew arrived at the Target entrance at 10:56 a.m. to begin replacing the lights.

 At 11 a.m. Fenton police were visible at Donaldson Drive to assist school buses pulling out onto Owen Road. The traffic light was reportedly operational, however, traffic was heavy.

 Lt. Jeff Cross of the Fenton Police Department said the driver of the landscape hauling truck was equipped with a metal roll bar used to cover the load they are hauling with a tarp. This equipment malfunctioned and was sticking straight up in the air, causing the roll bar to be too tall to pass under the traffic light.

     Not realizing his truck struck the bottom of the light at Target, the driver continued eastbound on Owen Road, eventually striking the bottom of the traffic light at Donaldson Drive. A witness flagged down the truck and informed the driver of what had happened.

      Cross said an accident report was completed and will be turned in to the state. He added that the company the driver is employed at would be responsible for the repair costs.

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