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Mayor Sue Osborn spends time talking with voters outside of the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 5. She defeated her opponent Cheryl King by a vote of 943 to 650.


      City of Fenton voters have spoken and soundly re-elected Mayor Sue Osborn to another two-year term in office. She defeated Cheryl King in a vote of 943 to 650.

     Osborn, 71, has served city government for 34 years, the last 21 as mayor. King previously served on the City Council for 24 years.  

      Osborn said her most important reason for seeking re-election to the office of Mayor of Fenton is that she wants to see downtown completed and business development. She said she also wants to see the repair and replacement of local streets and an increase shared services. I love this city and the people and want to continue moving Fenton forward.

      Osborn said she understands the budget and operations of the city. I led the city through a tornado and repaired the damage, the recession a few years back and kept our budget stable, built a new fire hall, new DPW garage, new downtown award-winning Streetscape, a new water plant, restored the library, all without a tax increase.

    After the results were in Tuesday night, Osborn said, “I’m very humbled by the results and honored to serve the community for another two years.”

      King, 71,  said, “I want to congratulate the mayor on her election. I'm glad we had a clean race and I wish her well and the council, and I hope we move forward and make sure that the Planning Commission and things are set in place so residents and the commercial have the same type of process. I want to thank the residents that came out and supported me and I just hope we move forward. Thank you very much.”






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