Gregory Johnson

Gregory Johnson, 46, of Fenton was charged with three felonies on Thursday in connection to a shooting that took place on Monday in Fenton.

    Fenton police and deputies with the Genesee County Sheriff’s Department responded to a home in the 800 block of North LeRoy Street at approximately 12:50 p.m. on a report of a shooting.

    Police Chief Rick Aro said an ongoing dispute between neighbors escalated to where one of the neighbors allegedly shot the other. The chief said police were made aware of past disputes over lot lines, pets and yard maintenance.

    Johnson is charged with shooting his 43-year-old neighbor in his own yard over a lawn mowing dispute. Aro said one shot was fired from Johnson’s registered .380-caliber semi automatic handgun, striking the neighbor in the hip area. Aro added that Johnson carries a concealed pistol license (CPL).

    After administering first aid to the victim, he was transported to Genesys Health Park for medical treatment.

    Police do not believe alcohol played a factor in the incident.

    If convicted as charged, (see sidebar) Johnson faces up to life in prison.

    Aro said, “The charges authorized by the prosecutor were significant, but appropriate. I think they send a strong message to our community that this type of senseless violence will not be tolerated.”

    A cash surety bond of $300,000 was ordered and he is to have no contact with the victim. Johnson’s preliminary exam in Genesee County District Court has been scheduled for June 11.

    Shootings in Fenton City are uncommon, according to police. Aro said the last time his department responded to a shooting was in January 2013. During that shooting, intoxicated residents were handling a firearm and one person was accidentally shot in the leg. Prior to that incident, Fenton police responded to another accidental shooting in January 2009. During that call, four people were sitting in a car at the Fenton Party Store parking lot. One passenger mishandled a gun he was carrying, causing it to discharge, striking the front seat passenger.

Charges filed against Gregory Johnson

Count 1: Assault with intent to commit murder — punishable by up to life in prison.

Count 2: Dangerous weapons, carrying with unlawful intent — punishable by five years in prison.

Count 3: Weapons felony firearms — punishable by two-year mandatory sentence, served consecutively prior to other sentences above.

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