The North Road construction project has begun. Work on the east end of the project, the resurfacing of North Road, from Oakwood to Poplar Street, began Monday, July 29.

 According to interim Public Works Director Daniel Brisson, one lane of traffic will be open at all times during the construction project.

 In addition to resurfacing the roadway, curb repairs and crosswalk improvements are taking place. A new water main will be installed and will cross under

North Road to the start of the Worchester subdivision. This, according to Brisson, will prevent the necessity of tearing North Road back up when work on the roads within the subdivision takes place.

 The plan is to have this part of the project completed by the time school starts in Fenton on Aug. 27. The second phase will begin after Labor Day and continue through the end of the construction season in late November, Brisson said.

 The second phase of the project includes the construction of a roundabout at North and Torrey roads. As part of that phase, the city has authorized the purchase of six decorative light poles for the area.  The total cost for six poles is $13,158, which includes shipping.

 Because the three lowest bids for the city of Fenton’s North Road “roundabout” construction project came in nearly $92,000 higher than estimated, OHM Advisors engineers went through each of 150 line items to see where cuts could be made to reduce the overall cost.

 The city will receive Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) funds to improve North Road, from Oak Park to U.S. 23, which includes the North/Torrey intersection.

 According to Brisson, the entire project will cost $1.34 million, $860,354 of which will be paid for with state and federal funding. The city will be responsible for the remaining $485,950.

 Because the majority of the funds are coming from the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), the project was bid by the state and L.A. Construction in Flushing was selected and is doing the work.

 The city’s engineering firm, OHM Advisors, is overseeing the day-to-day operations.

 Current detours, according to Brisson, are Poplar Street to Silver Lake Road and east to Adelaide. When the second part of the project begins, the detour will be in the opposite direction.

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