The North Oakland County Fire Authority Board tables a motion Nov. 16 to take away Rose Township Supervisor Dianne Scheib-Snider’s access to CLEMIS information until they get clarified legal opinion.

 The North Oakland County Fire Authority Board voted Tuesday, Nov. 16 to table a motion to take away a board member’s access to the Courts and Law Enforcement Management Information System (CLEMIS) Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system until the Board’s new interim legal counsel can review the situation.

 Karin Winchester, Holly Township clerk and secretary of the NOCFA Board, made the motion this week and said that none of the NOCFA Board members need to have the private information included with the CLEMIS alerts. “None of us should have it,” she said.

 This latest motion was in response to the Board’s Oct. 19 meeting, when the NOCFA Board voted 3-2 to add Rose Township Supervisor Dianne Scheib-Snider back in the CAD (CLEMIS) Incident Notification System. Rose Township Treasurer and NOCFA Board member Paul Gambka, Scheib-Snider and Peter Stouffer, citizen-at-large from Rose Township, voted in favor of putting Scheib-Snider, as well as other NOCFA Board members, on the list, if they requested to be on the list. Holly Township Supervisor George Kullis and Winchester voted against the Oct. 19 motion.

 CLEMIS uses innovative computer technology for criminal justice and public safety applications. By serving as a technical link among multiple agencies, CLEMIS promotes communication and sharing of criminal justice information. CAD is a dispatching application that allows users to create, update, track, and manage all public safety calls for service.

 CLEMIS provides public safety agencies immediate access to critical information during day-to-day operations and at a time of crisis.  From the public safety answering point to the police and fire first responders on the street, vital information is delivered securely and efficiently.  CLEMIS provides a full suite of records management applications for records retention while meeting all state and federal reporting mandates. These records encompass data input by all police agencies in Oakland County and agencies in nine additional counties throughout the thumb and southeast regions of Michigan.

 The Oct. 19 vote was prompted by an Oct. 12 letter from NOCFA Assistant Fire Chief Matt Weil to Chief Jeremy Lintz, who indicated that Scheib-Snider asked that she be put back into the system.

 In the letter, Weil said that Scheib-Snider contacted him Oct. 8, inquiring why she was not receiving text messages from the system. He said he explained to the township supervisor that he had removed non-rostered people because of the amount of sensitive information that is provided in these messages. He said he suggested other alternatives for receiving information, such as a scanner or a pager.

 On Nov. 16, Scheib-Snider told the Board that receiving these alerts helps her better serve her residents. She cited emergencies when trees or wires, especially in storms, were down. 

 “It’s disappointing after five years that I was removed,” she said. She added that she was educated in EMT and is still a certified firefighter in the state of Michigan. “I’m not going to argue about this anymore; It just needed to be brought to attention.

 “I wasn’t snooping and looking into people’s private business. I resent those comments.”

 Kullis pointed out that CLEMIS provides more information than anyone on the Board needs. “It wasn’t a witch hunt. I have never had access to CLEMIS,” he said.

 Stouffer said he struggled with past legal opinions and statements and believed they were getting mixed messages from the attorney.

 Longtime legal counsel David Lattie resigned from his role Oct. 4. The NOCFA Board is seeking to hire permanent legal counsel and has contracted with Bodman law firm on an interim basis.

 Winchester suggested that the NOCFA Board postpone any action on this until current legal counsel has time to review the matter.

 Stouffer asked if the Board wanted to table discussion and all agreed to table the discussion.

 Following further discussion in closed session, Scheib-Snider asked Lintz to remove her from the alerts until the Board has clarified legal opinion.

 Watch the NOCFA Board meeting in its entirety on YouTube on the NOCFA channel at

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