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 The Genesee County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the death of Sandra Wiechman, 66, of Fenton Township.

 Sheriff Chris Swanson said the sheriff’s office

responded to a 911 call at approximately 7 a.m., Saturday, Feb. 1, made from a home in East Bay Mobile Home Park off North Road in Fenton Township.

 The 70-year-old husband of Wiechman called to report that she had died a couple hours prior to his calling for help.

 Swanson said this is elder abuse and that there was “no excuse on this case. She wasn’t alone. Her family was there and did nothing.”

 The sheriff said Wiechman had been diagnosed with cancer in December 2018, however, he was unsure as to what type of treatment she had undergone since that time. “She had wasted away,” Swanson said. “She was down to about 55 pounds. She had been given no other pain meds beside liquid Tylenol.”

 Her body was transported to the county medical examiner for an autopsy.

 Swanson said detectives do not know why Wiechman’s health issues had not been taken care of. He said she had not moved since the first part of December 2019 and that her entire back side was ulcerated and covered in pressure wounds.

 “Imagine a cold sore covering the whole back of her body,” Swanson said, adding that gangrene had set in.

 Swanson said Wiechman’s husband is in sheriff’s custody and that he is undergoing a psychological evaluation. The sheriff’s office will present a case to the county prosecutor’s office for review.

 “She did not have proper dignity at the time of her death,” he said.

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