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Sherry Payne

 International Cultural Exchange Services (ICES) welcomes Sherry Payne as a new local coordinator.

 “I have lived in the Holly, Fenton area for my entire life. I am a retired nurse. I have a big dog named Oliver,” she said.

 “My hobbies

include boating, sewing, walking the dog. cooking and baking. I’m excited to work with exchange students because I learn so much about them and their culture and I love to learn new things and teach people new things.”

 Payne said she is excited for this new opportunity to work with international high school students and the local families that host them and beleives that having exchange students in our local schools and communities increase mutual understanding and improves relationships between countries. Sherry will be working with families and schools in Linden and in the surrounding area.

 Payne is currently seeking families that would like to host for the school year of 2022. Exchange students live as a member of the host family — not a guest or boarder. They participate in family activities, follow host family rules, and help with chores. Students have their own medical insurance and spending money to cover all personal expenses.

 Host families provide room and board and loving parental guidance to the student.

 As the local coordinator, Payne is available to answer questions, give advice, and provide general support to students and host families throughout the experience. For more information about hosting or working with ICES, please contact Sherry Payne.

 ICES is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting a peaceful world by increasing international awareness and understanding through cultural sharing experiences.

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