Thompson Road industrial park location

 The Fenton Township Board of Trustees held a public hearing Monday, June 15 for a potential industrial park that could be built at 3145 Thompson Road.

 Avalanche Holdings, LLC is requesting to amend the existing PUD which allows for 256 residential condominiums to M-2 zoning, which allows for up to 11 lots for an industrial park.

 The park would be consistent with M-2 uses and the master plan, said Treasurer John Tucker, who’s also on the Planning Commission. The land is 49.8 acres and borders industrial zoned properties on each side except for the south, which is wetlands/agriculture.

 According to the application, “The intent of this Future Land Use District is to cluster development on major corridors to increase accessibility for residents who wish to reach a range of services. Industrial and commercial have been subsumed into this classification. An industrial park would be consistent with this classification.”

 The property was originally zoned AG and M-1 prior to zoning in 2004. Adjacent properties are zoned M-2.

 “The exact layout of the industrial park will be determined by the market. The site plan was developed for a maximum of 11 lots. The number of lots may be reduced if a user requires more land for their development,” according to the application.

 Bob Lagan, owner of Avalanche Holdings, told the township there will be an association to maintain landscaping and maintenance of the road. The company also applied for a site plan approval for a private road.

 From the Fenton Township Planning Commission on May 14, meeting minutes show that the Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval for the amendment with the following uses:

1. The private road is to be paved with curb and gutter, and

2. The landscape plan is to be approved by the Planning Commission.

 The Planning Commission will review the individual site plans as the industrial park is developed.

 The potential ordinance also states, “The Planning Commission and Township Board will evaluate this request in five years and may initiate a rezoning of the property if the developer has not demonstrated that suitable, continual progress has been made to develop the property consistent with this ordinance.”

 Mike Deem, zoning administrator, said a development like this would be a benefit in the long run. Supervisor Bonnie Mathis agreed.

 Lagan said the long term of an industrial subdivision is a “much superior use” than the residential use planned previously.

 Clerk Robert Krug said he wanted to make sure the buildings on Thompson Road were taken care of cosmetically. Lagan said the frontage for this industrial park is minimal at approximately 200 feet, and it will be a heavily landscaped area that leads to an upscale industrial subdivision. Each purchaser of the units will have to get its own site plan approved by the board first.

 Shaun Shumaker, Genesee County commissioner and former Fenton Township trustee, asked if they had conducted a study on traffic to see if the road could handle the weight of the trucks. The township said a study had been completed when Miller Industries came to the area.

 The board is expected to discuss and vote on the potential zoning change and industrial park at a later meeting.

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