The Fenton City Council has agreed to give a conditional recommendation to the Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC) for a liquor license transfer for the new owners of the former Shell gas station and convenience store at Silver Lake Road and Silver Parkway.

 The new owner, I & I Equities, LLC is made up of partners Johnny Jalal Orow, Ronnie Boji, Izzat Wadi Hanna and John N. Hindo. The gas station is now a BP station. Orow, president of the organization, runs the day-to-day operations of the business.

 The former owner (Shell) Auto City Service, Inc. has been licensed to sell beer and wine since July 21, 2017, according to Fenton Police Chief Jason Slater in a memo to City Manager Lynn Markland.

 During his background investigation, Slater spoke with Orow and questioned the new “beer and wine tasting permit” part of the license. “His (Orow’s) attorney filed the transfer application with the MLCC and added the tasting permit erroneously,” Slater said.

 Orow said his attorney requested in writing that the MLCC remove the beer and wine tasting permit from the proposed transfer. “Mr. Orow’s intention is solely to sell packaged beer and wine for consumption off the licensed premises,” Slater said.

 MLCC investigators are currently completing an independent investigation into the permanent transfer and will present their findings to the MLCC Board for review.

 “I have completed a background investigation of each of the four listed partners of I & I Equities, LLC,” Slater said. “The results of my investigation show no history of any criminal conviction or driving-related infraction that would impede a successful transfer.”

 After consulting with Fire Chief Bob Cairnduff and Building and Zoning Administrator Mike Reilly, there are no issues relative to any state and local building, plumbing, zoning, sanitation and health laws, rules and ordinances that would suggest opposition to the request.

 The Fenton City Council voted to offer its support for a conditional transfer and will also request in writing to the MLCC that the beer and wine tasting part of the permit be removed.

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