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 The city of Fenton would have been able to get a jump on the 2022 Torrey Road Rehabilitation Project a little sooner than anticipated. The project area includes Torrey Road, from North Road north to the city limit.

 At its Monday, Sept. 9 meeting, the Fenton City Council voted

unanimously to table a request to approve the Scope of Engineering Services submitted by OHM, the city’s engineering firm, to begin the design and submittal process to the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT). OHM would have been paid $89,000 for the services.

 In a memo to City Manager Lynn Markland, interim Public Works Director Dan Brisson said recent correspondence with the Genesee County Road Commission regarding Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) funding and project scheduling had offered an opportunity to move 2022 Torrey Road Rehabilitation funding to 2020.

 “Torrey Road, from North Road to the city limit is eligible for 1.02 miles of asphalt crush and shape, paving and the addition of a passing flare at Georgetown Parkway,” Brisson said. “A new sidewalk along the east side of Torrey is included in the project.”

 Brisson said the project is approved to receive federal TIP funding in 2020 in the amount of $858,528, with matching city funds of $214,634, for a total TIP budgeted amount of $1,073,162.

 “The city’s total estimated project cost is $400,000, which includes engineering and geotechnical services,” Brisson said. “Total project cost is estimated at $1.25 million.”

 Brisson said receiving federal or state aid funding requires the project to be administered through MDOT where project submittals are needed at least six months prior to the award of a construction contract. This necessitates the scope of engineering services to begin this fall to keep the project on schedule, he said.

 Because of the disruptive impact the current roundabout construction project at North and Torrey roads is having on businesses in the area today, Fenton City Council members didn’t think it would be fair to schedule another road rehabilitation project in the same travel area so soon after the completion of the roundabout project. The roundabout is scheduled to be complete at the end of this November.

 The city did not lose anything doing so. The same funding will be available for the Torrey Road Rehabilitation project in 2022.

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