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Sharon Flowers (left) and her sister, Karen Stroud, are this year’s grand marshals of the Linden Holiday Happening Frosty Parade.

 Linden — Karen Stroud and Sharon Flowers, co-owners of the Linden Hotel and Crow’s Nest, will lead the Linden Holiday Happening Frosty Parade as grand marshals on Friday, Dec. 6. 

 Sue Turpen, parade committee member and co-chair of the Fire and Ice fundraiser, told them the news about a month ago.

 “Sharon and Karen never stop giving to all groups that work hard in trying to make a difference in Linden,” Turpen said. “Their generosity reaches to and beyond the Kiwanis Club, Grow Linden, Linden Arts Council and Linden Holiday Happening and their fundraiser, Fire and Ice. It always involves great food and hospitality and oftentimes at their expense. We are proud and happy to honor this generous family.”

 Stroud said they were caught off guard, but they were “obviously honored.”

  Both said they’re excited to be on the float with their parents, Jack and Rose Furry, and wave to attendees. However, they’re both working that night in the kitchen. 

 “We work every Friday together,” Flowers said. 

 Nonetheless, they’re looking forward to the event. 

 “It’s been great. It draws a lot of people into town,” Flowers said. “It’s probably by far one of the best events Happening does. It’s grown every year. It’s been a good event. It’s our busiest day of the year.”

 They’re happy that more food trucks will be at the event because people will have more food options beside Linden Hotel and Crow’s Nest. 

 “Most of the time we don’t really see the parade because we’re working, but it brings the community together and starts off the Christmas season. It becomes a tradition for the people. That’s the best part,” Stroud said. 

 Stroud is heavily involved in Grow Linden, which supports events and development in Linden. She works a lot on Ladies Night and both volunteer when they can. Flowers said Stroud is more involved than she is, but they participate in the Fire and Ice fundraiser. 

 Both said the growth in Linden has been good. 

 “The more businesses that are here make it more of a destination to come to. The gas station is getting ready to do their remodel and Dr. Wax is across the street so hopefully we’ll get some retail. Another restaurant down there will help,” Stroud said. 

 Flowers said she only wishes the growth would happen faster. 

 Grow Linden has been bringing more business owners together, Stroud said, and it’s encouraging people to communicate more, which is helping to make events better. They praised Betty Ciesielski and Turpen for their work with these events in the city. 

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