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      The Holly Police Department and the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office are investigating a suspicious incident that occurred Tuesday morning at a bus stop at Church and Saginaw streets in downtown Holly.

      A 50-year-old Rose Township man was arrested.

      Holly Area Schools Superintendent Scott Roper sent a letter Tuesday, Sept. 11, to parents informing them to what the school has learned.

      In the letter, Roper said at about 6:30 a.m., Monday, Sept. 10, a man driving a pickup truck approached students at the bus stop and tried to make contact with them. The man proceeded to put on a mask. The students fled and reported the incident to a parent. No students were harmed.

      The school district immediately reported the incident to the sheriff’s office, which sent a patrol unit to the scene. The Holly Police Department quickly located the suspect at a nearby gas station. He was arrested.

      The incident remains under investigation and Roper said there will be additional monitoring at bus stops.

      Holly Police Chief Michael Story said police located the man within moments. He was identified, interviewed and released, pending an arrest warrant. Police will ask that a misdemeanor warrant be issued. The offense is a misdemeanor since it was not committed in the presence of police.

      Story said, “The individual engaged in a short conversation at the bus stop, put on a wolf mask and began howling and drove away.

      “He also stopped at the fire hall and was howling at the fireman as he drove away.”

      The wolf mask was taken in as evidence and the individual was identified by one of the victims.

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