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 Financial Plus Credit Union knows how deserving and hard-working teachers are, that is why they put together their “FPCU Loves Teachers Classroom Giveaway.”

 The submission period ran from Feb. 14 to April 11. The top five nominated teachers were voted on by the community.

 The two recipients of the Financial Plus $1,500 classroom makeovers are Kelly Doyle of Lake Fenton Community Schools’ West Shore Elementary and JJ Burnham of Swan Valley Middle School in Saginaw.

 “We’re inspired by the passion and dedication Kelly Doyle and JJ Burnham extend to their students,” said Michelle Thompson, area branch manager of Financial Plus Credit Union. “It says a lot about their character and commitment for them to both be nominated and receive a combined vote total over 2,300. This classroom makeover will not only help their current students’ education but will help play a positive role in future students’ growth.”

 Financial Plus partnered with WNEM TV5 to surprise Burnham and Doyle during a “normal” school day.

 Crashing a school assembly at Swan Valley Middle School, FPCU surprised Burnham in front of all of her seventh grade students and peer teachers. Her plans include new alternative seating and updated bookshelves.

 Doyle was surprised while teaching her second grade students. FPCU dropped in sharing the exciting news and presented the check to her during class. Doyle plans to brainstorm with her students on ways to spend the winnings, and bring more life to the classroom.

Winning submissions

Kelly Doyle

West Shore Elementary

 Kelly is not only an amazing teacher, she is also an amazing children’s advocate. She has partnered with Delivering Hope to bring their programs to the Lake Fenton Schools. She leads and coordinates the volunteers that ensure 48 children at risk of hunger are sent home with food each weekend. She also leads the Book Drive and Book Giveaway for Lake Fenton Schools. She is always looking for ways to help children. This winter when she noticed several children did not have proper winter gear, she reached out to different community organizations to make sure these children received what they needed. She also provides free books to her students to encourage the love of reading. The relationship she has with her students, co-workers, parents and the community is amazing. And she does all this while

raising her twin boys. She is truly one of the most amazing people I know and would be so appreciative of a classroom makeover.

JJ Burnham

Swan Valley Middle School

 Ms. Burnham is my son’s seventh grade teacher and also his favorite teacher. Her passion for teaching is evident. She is very caring and goes the extra mile to help her students. We are very fortunate to have her teaching at Swan Valley. I feel she deserves to be recognized for being that teacher everyone will remember and be grateful for having her years later.

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