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 In times of crisis, signs of compassion and kindness can turn a horrible day into a heartwarming day to remember.

 That happened to one Linden area woman.

 The Times tracked down a Hot line author, an ER nurse, who thanked ACE Hardware in Linden for providing a P100 respiratory mask that she was desperately in search of. She wrote that she was beyond grateful to ACE in Linden.

 The ER nurse, who chose to keep her name private, said the hospital she works at provides the N95 masks, but sometimes nurses in ER want a step up in protection for when they are in close contact or doing specific treatments for COVID-19-potential patients. The P100 respirators provide that added protection but she learned that those masks were sold out across Michigan.

 The nurse said a friend of hers contacted ACE to keep an eye out for the P100 respirators. She soon heard that ACE’s warehouse was sold out, however, they found two on a back shelf in the ACE in Durand, which is owned by the same family. ACE owner Stephanie Stutts picked up the masks from her Durand store and drove them to Linden.

 In light of the pandemic, Stutts got the nurse’s address and dropped them off on the porch of her home.

 “She did not want me to go to the store for safety precautions,” she said, adding Stutts would not take any money for the items.

 “The generosity the town of Linden has shown is amazing, and makes me truly proud to be from Linden,” she said. “In addition to ACE, I have had neighbors donate to me eye shields, other masks and homemade masks. I have had neighbor kids write appreciation notes in chalk on my driveway. I have had paintings from kids in the community mailed to me, and I have had numerous messages sent to me thanking me, checking on me, and showing support.”

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