On July 23, the Oakland County Board of Commissioners adopted a resolution sponsored by Commissioner Bob Hoffman (R-Highland Twp.) securing $15,210 for the village of Holly through the county’s Local Road Improvement Program (LRIP).

 These funds will be used to help with road maintenance requirements and other road repairs. Holly plans to use the funds to help with crack sealing on various roads.

 “This program has been an excellent way for the Oakland County Board of Commissioners to partner with local units of government to assist them in needed road repairs,” Hoffman said. 

 Oakland County’s LRIP provides limited financial assistance to Oakland County cities and villages for repairs and improvements on roadways under their jurisdiction. The program ensures that the county investment in roads is multiplied by requiring local municipalities to match funding from Oakland County. Launched in 2016, the LRIP has driven an estimated $89 million investment in local roads across Oakland County.

 The program is an effective means for encouraging investment in local roads, which continue to be underfunded by the State of Michigan. This lack of funding from the state and federal government has resulted in poor road conditions, which negatively impact safety, quality of life and economic development in the region.

 “The village of Holly is very fortunate to have support and to partner with the Board of Commissioners, as they provide additional funds for local road repairs,” Jerry Walker, village manager, said.

 “Especially as we feel the effects of the pandemic, funds for repair of local streets would not be possible without funds like these being allocated. The residents in the village of Holly are represented very well by Commissioner Hoffman, and ultimately by support of the entire Board of Commissioners.” 

 In 2017, the Board of Commissioners’ LRIP received national recognition when it was selected for a National Association of Counties (NACo) Achievement Award in the category of Community and Economic Development. 

 Hoffman represents the second county commission district, which includes Groveland, Highland, Holly, Rose and Springfield townships, in addition to the village of Holly.

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