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Registered voters in Livingston County’s third district will cast their ballots Nov. 3 for county commissioner, a two-year term.

Wes Nakagiri

(incumbent) Republican

Age: 61

Residency: Hartland Township

Occupation: Engineering Management - retired

 I am a constitutionalist who treasures Livingston County’s conservative values. During my first term, I sponsored a resolution stopping taxpayer-funded abortions in our county, and another terminating an appointed committee that could raise your taxes. I also supported keeping your county taxes the lowest in Michigan, and strengthened your Second Amendment rights. Additionally, I received national recognition for stopping our governor from storing your medical records in a Democrat-controlled voter database. My investigative skills prevented your legally protected information from being used for her political gain.  I humbly ask for your vote on Nov. 3.

John Pallister


Age: 56

Residency: Tyrone Township

Occupation: Farmer

 My dad purchased our family farm in 1965 in Tyrone Township, and I am running to serve the community in which I live and grew up in. I support increased transportation services for seniors, implementing road repairs, addressing environmental issues, more services for the poor, and rural broadband internet. Grant money is available to make positive things happen in this county. Livingston County is one of the richest and fastest growing counties, but has been lacking in services for the elderly and poor compared to other counties.

 If elected, I hope to create an environmental council in Livingston County similar to that of Washtenaw County. I do not believe climate change initiatives will come from the Federal government any time soon, so we should try to work from the local government level on up. We should include climate change initiatives where possible at all levels of county projects.

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