Linden — Thanks in part to more than a dozen Linden students, kids in Michigan hospitals will receive a fleece blanket.

 On Wednesday morning, March 20, Linden students in Dawn Yankley’s special education class made fleece blankets for kids in Michigan hospitals for the program, “Fleece and Thank You.”

 “It’s scary for any child to be taken out of their bedroom and put into a hospital room,” said Bryce Goulah, co-creator and director of event operations of Fleece and Thank You.

 In the Linden High School media center, students put two blankets of fleece together, cut the ends into strips, and tied them together to make a blanket with two prints. Afterward, the students made video messages for the kids who will receive the blankets.

 Goulah, 23, who graduated from Howell High School, and Nicholas Kristock, created Fleece and Thank You three years ago. Since its inception, the program has made between 45,000 to 50,000 blankets. Sponsors and organizations pay for the blanket kits, which include the materials and video message.

 The organization partners with hospitals all around Michigan. They bring blankets to children who stay in a hospital for any length of time. Fleece and Thank You hosts approximately 350 events every year with schools, companies, universities, churches, organizations and more.

 The organization’s website,, reads, “Imagine a hospital room. Dull, white sheets on the bed. Scary beeps and boops of the monitors on the IV pole. A cold, bone-chilling temperature that makes you shiver. It’s a scary environment to think about, and yet, every minute in America, 11 children are admitted into the hospital and face this very intimidating experience... They are in need of comfort. They are in need of warmth. They are in need of hope.”

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