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Erica Armstrong

Linden City Council approved the appointment of a new clerk at the July 23 meeting.

Erica Armstrong, who is the former deputy clerk, was promoted to the position.

“I am excited to start my new role and am looking forward to this opportunity,” she said.

Lynn Henry, who left the clerk position, accepted a job in Grand Blanc Township.

Armstrong is looking to get more people involved in the Linden community.

“From registering to vote or signing up to volunteer at an event, to working at our community clean-up or joining a Board or Commission, there is a way for everyone to pitch in,” she said. “I hope to help make people more aware of these opportunities and get as many people involved in the Linden community as possible.”

Armstrong has worked in the municipal field since 2012, and has been with the city of Linden since 2015. Her background includes legal work as an attorney, including non-profit organizations.

She first worked as an election inspector in Atlas Township and later took a position as an Assistant Elections Administrator and Records Management Consultant in the same municipality.

Her role as deputy clerk in Linden gave her the necessary training and experience to become the clerk.

“As the deputy, I was expected to be able to assume the duties of the clerk in her absence, and I regularly had the occasion to do so over the past couple of years. Those experiences, coupled with the support of the city manager, former clerk, and other members of the city staff makes me well prepared for this position,” she said.

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