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Tessa Wightman

 Linden — Linden City will have a new clerk starting July 9. 

 Tessa Wightman, the current deputy clerk, will take over as Linden City clerk July 9 following

the departure of current Clerk Erica Armstrong. 

 At the Monday, June 24 meeting, Armstrong handed in her resignation. The board accepted it unanimously. Her last day will be Monday, July 8. She accepted the position of clerk with the city of Midland.

 Wightman has been with Linden since 2018. Prior to that, she was the clerk in the city of Potterville for two years. She has a bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing from Saginaw Valley State University. 

 “She’s proven herself over and over again, and she’s fully capable of being our next clerk,” said Scott Sutter, interim city manager and police chief. The city will search for a new deputy clerk. 

 Clerks are responsible for facilitating elections, developing and maintaining a records management program, acting as FOIA coordinator, and preparing agendas and meeting packets and keeping the official minutes of all meetings of the city of Linden’s, councils, commissions, and committees, according to lindenmi.us.

 Wightman said her interest in government started in college. In 2016, she started a marketing internship with the Park and Recreation Department at Genesee County Parks. 

 “From there, my interest in government led to me being offered the position at the city of Potterville. I’m excited for my new role and ready for the challenges and opportunities that come with the position,” she said.  

 Wightman’s starting salary will be $46,000. Councilor David Franz said it should be raised to $50,000 after a review following 90 days on the job. That stipulation was added to the resolution, and the board voted unanimously to hire her as clerk.  

 Armstrong and the council had kind words to say about Wightman

 “I think Tessa is up to the task. I know in the past she’s had to deal with a lot of crazy things in Potterville. She’s been an excellent help in elections and everything,” Armstrong said. 

 “I will miss the small-town atmosphere of Linden. It has regularly given me the opportunity to work, interact, and get to know so many residents, business owners, and volunteers over the past several years. I look forward to seeing where they take Linden in the future,” she said.  

 Armstrong was appointed clerk nearly a year ago on July 23, 2018. Previously, she was the deputy clerk under former Clerk Lynn Henry. Armstrong has worked in the municipal field since 2012, and has been with the city of Linden since 2015.

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