The Linden Fire Department will soon have an automated CPR device that does chest compressions to help people during medical emergencies. 

 On Monday, Dec. 13, the Linden City Council approved buying a Lund University Cardiopulmonary Assist System (LUCAS) device. First responders use this equipment by strapping it around someone’s chest when they are in cardiac arrest. It delivers automatic chest compressions, which leaves the first responders available to respond to other medical needs. 

 The community also helped buy this device. The Linden Fire Department raised approximately $4,500 from fundraisers and a donation from the Women of the Moose #2364. However, the system costs $17,000. 

 “This device is needed to better perform CPR on patients, which will work at a constant rhythm for effectiveness and allow our staff to do other things when a patient is in need,” said Fire Chief Brian Will. “We have found that we are on scene longer doing CPR due to the ongoing shortage of ambulances in the county and their delayed responses from time to time to our city.”

 He said the population in Linden is generally older, which means the need for CPR is higher than most areas. 

 “I was very appreciative of the support of our council to move forward sooner than later with this purchase. It may have taken a while to raise the large amount of money needed so now we can put it to use hopefully sometime in January when it’s delivered to us,” he said. 

 They may have another private donation coming soon. 

 City Manager Ellen Glass also commented on the long wait times for ambulances in the county. 

 “Just the recent calls we’ve had, I think most of the medics have been 20 minutes out or more. Scary. So having this device is only going to help our fire department be able to respond to those medical calls and provide immediate first aid during cardiac arrests,” Glass said. 

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