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The Linden Mill building was the first structure in Genesee County to be placed on the national register of historic places in 1972. 

 The Linden Library will host a presentation on the history and evolution of lead poisoning on Saturday, Aug. 3. 

 Joel Pounds, who has a Ph.D. in toxicology and is the president of the Linden Library Board, will present information from 1 to 2 p.m. He said he’s giving this presentation because the topic is “interesting.”

 “Society, the medical/scientific community, and the responsible governments have viewed lead poisoning quite differently through thousands of years of lead exposure. We have forgotten, rediscovered, and forgotten again important aspects of the hazards of lead,” he said. 

 The definition of lead poisoning has changed. He said the history on the topic is “replete with fascinating characters engaged in acrimonious personal, economic, regulatory, and professional battles.”

 His first scientific paper on lead was published in 1977. It focused on the molecular and cellular effects of lead in bone cells and also the development and refinement of mathematical models of lead metabolism. 

 Pounds has an extensive background in researching lead, and has written dozens of papers on the topic. 

 He moved to Linden four years ago after he retired from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Washington four years ago, and he was appointed to the Linden Library Board of Directors in 2017. 

 “Understanding the mechanism of action of lead poisoning presents an interesting scientific challenge. Finally, because I find this topic is so fascinating, I assume everyone, especially those living in homes with lead paint, or exposed to lead in drinking water will be interested in this story,” he said. 

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