During the Stormwater, Asset Management and Wastewater (SAW) grant project, routine cleaning and televising of the city’s sewer system found a live water service line penetrating through a sewer pipe and leaking water along Shiawassee Avenue.

 On Monday, July 27, the Fenton City Council unanimously approved costs associated with improvements and awarded the project to Rohde Brothers Excavation of Saginaw. The meeting was held remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

 Dan Brisson, Public Works director, updated the Fenton City Council about the situation in a memo Monday, July 27.

 This finding by the DPW led to further investigation of an old water service line that city records indicated was previously abandoned. DPW employees found a portion of the water main was live and possibly serving a few residential customers.

 Prior to Shiawassee Avenue being paved later this summer, areas of the old water main need to be abandoned and new customer service lines installed.

 OHM, the city’s engineering firm, prepared bid specifications for the project using historical records to determine estimated quantities. The project area will be along Shiawassee from Bent Oak to Park Street.

 On July 22, the city clerk received one bid from Rohde Brothers Excavation, Inc. for a unit pricing total of $393,730. Rohde Brothers have been in business since 1946 and they have performed many similar projects throughout mid-Michigan.

 Funding for this project will be provided from the Water Operating Fund. Work will begin immediately to be ahead of the Shiawassee road rehabilitation project scheduled to start in late August.

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