Lake Fenton Community Schools will ask voters to approve a 1.25-mill sinking fund for the next 10 years (2020 to 2029).

 According to Superintendent Julie Williams, sinking fund dollars can be used for renovation, repair, and construction of buildings, but recent legislation has allowed for expanded use. This expanded use now covers some expenses related to safety, security, and technology.

 Sinking fund dollars cannot be used for any operating expenses such as salaries, benefits, or routine maintenance. In addition, the money cannot be used for textbooks or bus replacement. 

 Lake Fenton Community Schools currently has a 1-mill Sinking Fund that was approved by voters in 2009 and expires at the end of this year.

 “The district has used Sinking Fund dollars to complete renovations in three of our buildings, update parking lots, replace boilers, replace roofs, replace sidewalks, update playgrounds, add acoustical treatment to the auditorium, upgrade lighting systems, replace water filtration system at West Shore and the list goes on,” Williams said.

 If Lake Fenton district voters approve the 1.25-mill Sinking Fund, safety, security and technology will be added to the list of eligible expenses.

 Areas of need include, but are not limited to: parking lots, boiler systems, replacement of sidewalks, roof replacement as needed, abatement and flooring replacement, replacement of older windows, additional security cameras, student technology devices and more.

 According to the Genesee County Clerk’s (Election Division) website, the revenue collected in 2020 is expected to be approximately $765,000.

 According to Williams, the following are some specific projects the district plans to tackle if the sinking fund is approved. They include but are not limited to:

 At West Shore Elementary School, plans are to install cabinetry for the art room and second grade classrooms, bathroom updates for family and staff and instructional technology updates such as digital displays.

 At Torrey Hill Intermediate School, plans are to replace all old windows, replace asbestos tile floor in gym, replace the concrete at the front entrance, replace speaker system and data projector in gym, replace exterior doors to outside brick building to name a few projects.

 At Lake Fenton Middle School, improvements will be made to the athletic fields and gymnasium sound system technology. Carpeting in the office, media center and GenNet room will be replaced. Hallway display monitors will be installed. Safety recommendations include outside speakers and additional 3M window film.

 At Lake Fenton High School, vape detectors will be installed in bathrooms, new carpeting will be installed in the counseling office and counters will be removed in a few classrooms.

What it will cost

Taxable Annual value millage

$75,000 $ 93.75

$100,000 $125.00

$150,000 $187.50

$200,000 $250.00

$250,000 $312.50

$300,000 $375.00

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