This is Part II of a two-part series. Part I was published Sunday, Feb. 14.

 The third predator was a man in his 30s. In his confession, he told police that he watches porn in which a girl just turns 16 years old. Dwyre said generally, men are more stimulated in a visual way, and porn feeds that.

 Women generally are not addicted to porn like men are, Dwyre said, and this is why men will send women photos because they think it will excite them.

 “The driving force is their own sexual desires that have consumed them in such a way that they’re willing to commit crimes to meet their own sexual gratifications,” Dwyre said.

 Dallas said the more they see porn, the more they want to act out these things, but they often don’t want to do it with their loved ones. That can lead them to finding someone online.

 The fourth predator they discussed was Larry Nassar, former USA Gymnastics national team doctor, former osteopathic physician, and former professor at Michigan State University, who sexually abused more than 260 young women.

 He’s a convicted serial rapist and child sex offender.

 Dwyre, who was the chief of investigations at the attorney general’s office and was in charge of the investigation into Michigan State University, interviewed Nassar.

 “He is essentially the worst sexual predator that we’ve had in our lifetime in the state of Michigan,” Dwyre said. “He horrifically sexually assaulted so so many.”

 Nassar was a narcissist, tried to control the room, and tried to minimize what he did by saying they were medical procedures.

 “He’s justifying his sexual misconduct by creating a unique, only-he-can-do, medical procedure,” Dwyre said. Nassar was the same as the other predators except he had the ability to manipulate a large group of people through his position, and that he used hope to exploit people.

 “Every one of those girls had dreams of being a Michigan State University gymnast, an Olympic gymnast. They had hope and he was a master at manipulating hope,” Dwyre said. “He did it for his own sexual gratification. And he’s where he belongs. Life in prison.”

 Nassar was sentenced to 300 years in state prison and 60 years in federal prison.


 Dwyre said one thing that can help young girls and other victims tell their parents if someone older sexually abuses them is mothers, aunts and older women being open about their own sexual assault experiences.

 Dallas encouraged victims to seek therapy even if years have passed since the incident. She also said to teach kids that it’s okay to be rude to people who request inappropriate things from them.

 “Stop telling your children ‘be nice, be polite,’” she said. “Everybody should have boundaries. Respect your child’s boundaries. If a child tells you ‘I don’t feel right,’ or ‘I don’t like being around this person,’ respect it. Listen to it.”

 Swanson said they want these victims to feel like they have a voice. He encouraged people to listen to people around them, and to seek help if needed.

 “Every day that predators aren’t held accountable, they win,” Swanson said. “That’s why we’re here. We’re here to give you a voice and to protect people.”

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