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Boy Scout Troop 219’s Junior Leadership team shows off the Golden Spatula award they won for their Buffalo Burger entrée. From left are Brice Edmonds, 1st Class Scout; Owen Baize, 1st Class Scout; Jimmy Appleton, Life Scout; and Samuel Levi, Eagle Scout

 One or all of the members of Boy Scout Troop 219’s Junior Leadership team just might be the next Bobby Flay or Gordon Ramsey. This claim to fame is a result of their contribution for a cooking contest and winning the Golden Spatula award.

 Boy Scout Troop 219 divided up by patrols or small groups of four to eight Scouts to come up with a delicious entrée to be entered into the cooking contest.

 The requirement was their dish had to have “ground meat.” Other than that, the Boy Scouts had the freedom to come up with a dish that would “wow” the judges and earn their names on the Golden Spatula.

 One thing Boy Scouts teach young adults is how to plan, budget, prepare, prep and cook meals, one basic life skill that we all use every day.

 Scoutmaster Vince Levi said, “This competition got the boys excited about cooking and what creations they could come up with, how could they tweak something to hopefully beat out the competition.”

 Levi said each group of boys had two weeks to work as a group and come up with their ideas on what they would like to prepare. They had to decide on which ingredients they needed, and then go shopping for those ingredients.

 One group had a combination of ground beef and venison infused with cheese put between two hamburger buns with homemade fries. Another group tried a pancake taco, which had ground sausage, bacon, potatoes, cheese, and onions held together by a pancake. Their third group of younger Scouts (11- to 12-year-olds) boiled potatoes, and sandwiched in hamburger, cheese and sour cream.

 Three judges had the tough task to decide which entree was the best. As the judges tried everything, they took notes so they could give constructive feedback on how the Boy Scouts might improve on future cook-offs.

 Levi said the group of older Scouts in the Junior Leadership team won the Golden Spatula. They made “Buffalo Burgers,” on a pretzel bun with caramelized onions, cheddar cheese and a homemade special secret sauce.

 The Boy Scouts are always looking for and accepting new members. If you’d like to join in on the adventure, Troop 219 meets every Monday night at the Fenton First Presbyterian Church from 7 - 8:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. Contact Scoutmaster Levi at vlevi@umich.edu.

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