Lyric Haines, 7, of Linden was on a mission and he pulled off his project prompting tons of smiles and a solid amount of cash.

 Lyric and his younger brother, Leander, 5, held a lemonade stand Friday, July 24 at their downtown Linden home.

 Their mother, Chelsea Haines, said Lyric came up with the idea last Thursday when she picked him up after work. He told her that he wanted to go to Walmart to buy his supplies using his own money.

 Chelsea agreed to his idea but warned him that people might not stop by out of fear of the coronavirus. “He said, ‘it will be fine,’” Chelsea said.

 They went to Walmart Friday so that Lyric could buy supplies for his lemonade stand and then set up his stand in front of his house. Leander worked side-by-side with Lyric.

 “It was unbelievable,” Chelsea said. “People were stopping. People were so happy. It was so cool to see smiling faces.”

 Chelsea’s husband, Josh, is a nurse and he provided guidance to keep the boys and their customers safe. The boys wore facemasks the entire time, they had sanitizer on their table and they used it between each customer. Neighbors, police officers and even a local garbage truck driver stopped to buy lemonade.

 “It was really incredible,” Chelsea said. “This was the first time my kids have been around people since the beginning of the virus.”

 The Haines believed this would be a worthwhile project for the boys in that it will teach them how to stay safe with school coming up.

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