Fenton City Hall

 At its meeting Monday, July 12, Fenton City Council approved site plans for an indoor storage facility on N. Alloy Drive, at the recommendation of the city’s planning commission.

 White’s Landing (Alloy Properties, LLC) requested a site plan review to construct a 12,000-square-foot industrial warehouse/storage building at 260 N. Alloy Dr. in Fenton. The property is vacant and is situated between N. Alloy Drive and U.S. 23.

 The property is partially zoned Industrial District (IND) where industrial uses including warehouses are permitted uses. One-quarter of the property is zoned Office Park Research (OPR), which is subject to a conditional rezoning request before the planning commission. The uses proposed on this site under OPR zoning are currently not permitted without approval of the conditional rezoning request.

 The use for this building is industrial storage warehouse for the indoor storage of boats for White’s Landing.

 Based on their findings, the planning commission recommended approval of the site plan for White’s Landing.

 The owner of White’s Landing said there would be boats outside from time to time, only when moving boats in and out of the facility during delivery of boats, which begins in the spring when customers want their boats and again in the fall when the boats are returned for storage. The building would provide storage for fewer than 100 boats.

 Michael Reilly, building/zoning administrator for the city said, White’s Landing will ultimately construct four buildings in phases.

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