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School administrators are continually adjusting their plans for reopening schools this fall as new information becomes available regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

 Lake Fenton Community Schools Superintendent Julie Williams sent a letter to parents in her district to give them an update on reopening the school district to students in the fall.

 This came after Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said last week that Michigan’s public and private K-12 schools will reopen in the fall for in-person learning, as long as the status of the coronavirus pandemic remains the same or improves.

 The governor added that no one should expect the schools to look normal since there will most likely still be remote learning, reduced class size and fewer students on buses.

 Williams said, “These past few months have been very trying for all of us and for a variety of reasons. There has been so much happening in our country and at times, it has been difficult to understand or make sense of it. We have all had unique experiences and we have different levels of apprehension due to the previous or current circumstances in which we live. We need to respect this fact and not be judgmental of others apprehensions.

 “As we continue preparations for the next school year, we must acknowledge the varying levels of concern that exist within our own communities. We must adhere to any rules, regulations or legislation dictated to us.”

Lake Fenton is working on three plans for the fall.

• Face-to-face setting and back to a somewhat normal routine is their hope, said Williams.

• Blended schedule would be a combination of face-to-face and virtual learning. This would be their approach if they are required to adhere to social distancing guidelines established by the Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC).

• 100-percent virtual learning

Lake Fenton’s current plan for a blended schedule

includes the following:


 K-5 students would attend daily, but on a half-day schedule. There would be a morning and an afternoon session. Teachers would teach half of their class in each session.

 Kids Klub would be running to accommodate parents who need childcare. Students would also have online lessons and assignments.


 Six-12 grade students would attend on an alternating schedule.

 • Monday/Thursday and Tuesday/Friday. On Wednesdays, students who needed additional assistance would be able to work with teachers in person. This would be structured like their current late start Wednesday.

 Students would also have online lessons and assignments.

100-percent virtual learning

 This approach would look very different than the instruction that was provided from March to June of this year.

• Courses will be more rigorous.

• Each course will include assessments.

• Deadlines for work completion will be established.

• Grades will be issued for work.

 “I can assure you, we have been working diligently on these plans,” Williams said.

 In order to better understand the needs of their families, administrators have asked parents to complete a short survey once for each student they have in the district.

 “I ask all parents to please be patient,” Williams said. “Districts are truly doing the best they can with the information available at this time.  As more guidance is provided, more definitive plans will emerge.”

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