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The Holly Union Depot needs to be moved approximately 1,000 feet so that it can be preserved properly. Once done, future generations can visit it and learn about its history in Holly Village.

 The site of Holly Union Depot’s future home, which is located about 1,000 feet closer to Broad Street, has been purchased. This announcement was made on the “Save Our Holly Union Depot” Facebook page.

 Village Manager Jerry Walker said they closed on the property with CSX

on Wednesday, Sept. 30. The purchase price of the two parcels was $35,000. The property is positioned between the CSX rail, currently leased by Lake State Rail and CN Rail. 

 “The position of the property is perfect since the former Depot was used by both rail systems,” Walker said. “Purchase of this property was a long process and we are thankful to move to the next step with major fundraising.”

 Walker said they have estimates of moving the Depot at approximately $350,000, which does not include expenses that will be incurred in preparation for the move as well as expenses for foundation and rehabilitating the grounds and building.

 This puts Holly Village one step closer to saving the Union Depot. In order to finish the preservation project, the Holly Downtown Development Authority (DDA) will continue to raise and match all funds donated 2:1, up to $50,000, in order to move the Depot.

 Every $1 donation will become $3. Through this crowdfunding campaign, if they can raise $50,000, the Holly DDA will donate $100,000. Tax-deductible donations will make a significant difference and allow the village of Holly to breathe life back into this historical building.

 The Holly Union Depot was built in 1886 and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2000 because of the significance of the Depot’s history to the local community. The Depot was such a “people place” that over time the many travelers that waited in line to purchase tickets wore depressions in the floor.

 The village of Holly owns the building, but the public cannot access it due to its close proximity to two active rail lines and the change in safety standards by the railway companies. The building must be moved to become a people place once again.

 Last year, the village of Holly was named one of the winners of a national contest and received a $150,000 ‘Partners in Preservation’ grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation. They still need to raise $150,000 to move the building and make this worthwhile project a reality. 

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