Fenton Twp. — Halloween is only a few weeks away, and residents can celebrate by going to a haunted trail and helping animals at the same time.

 Adopt-A-Pet’s The Howling Haunted Trail continues this weekend, Oct. 16 and 17 from 7 to 11 p.m., at the shelter’s property on Fenton Road.

 “The majority of people had a blast and said it was one of the best scares they went through,” said Jody Maddock, director of Adopt-A-Pet. “Many said they peed their pants.”

 Attendees will have to wait in line to get in due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, which includes limiting the number of people that can be in the tent area at one time and requiring masks. The actors on the trial do not touch the customers, and any handles used by the customers are wiped down between each group.

 There’s a beer and refreshment tent, dinner options and Halloween attractions, like an “electric” chair, to entertain attendees before and after they go on the haunted trail.

 On Friday, Oct. 9, Maddock said 180 people went through the trail. On Saturday, Oct. 10, there were 397.

 This is the fourth year for the event.

 “Years ago, we saw the potential of the woods. We don’t have a lot of fundraisers this time of year. Christine Welsh is the creative mind behind it. She came up with the plan,” Maddock said. “This year in particular, we’ve had to postpone or cancel other fundraisers.”

 The shelter is behind in their fundraising goals, and they hope more people come out to the Haunted Trail this weekend to help support the animals.

 “We wanted to make sure we did everything right with this one,” she said. “Everything is put on by volunteers. Not one person is paid. All the money goes to the animals.”

 It is not recommended for children under age 13 or those who scare easily. Maddock said a few families have brought their young children and go through the trail, and many become scared.

 “We have a lot of kids that say they can do it, and then they have to stop the trail or they cry the whole way. We don’t want to traumatize anyone,” she said.

 For more prices and details, go to thehowlinghauntedtrail.com.

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