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Genavieve Linkowski of Goodrich is hoping to be the next American Idol. The popular TV show premieres its 17th season Feb. 16 on ABC.

 Genavieve Linkowski, 22, of Goodrich is hoping that this year is her year to make a name for herself on American Idol.

 Linkowski won a golden ticket to Hollywood when she auditioned for the popular singing competition with celebrity judges on ABC-TV two seasons ago in 2018. In the March 2018 episode, she sang and played the piano to Jason Mraz’s “I won’t Give Up.”

 Celebrity judge Lionel Richie told her in 2018 that her voice reminded him of Celine Dion.

 The 2018 show told Linkowski’s story of how she was homeschooled and was the oldest of 10 children.

 In April 2018, Linkowski, then 19, hoped she would make it to the next level and be included with the top 50 contestants. This did not happen. Following the news, she posted on her social media that she thanked everyone for the opportunity and that “I won’t give up on my dream because I know this is God’s call that He has for me, and God’s will is better than anything I could ever imagine.”

 On Jan. 16, Linkowski wrote on her social media, “Watch the American Idol premiere on February 16th.”

 Linkowski will audition in front of this year’s judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie and mentor Bobby Bones. The show in its 17th season is hosted by Ryan Seacrest.

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