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The Fenton North LeRoy VG’s Fast Lane has four designated parking spots.

 The average American shopper spends more than 53 hours per year inside a grocery store, according to creditdonkey.com. Americans take on average 1.5 trips to the grocery store a week, spending 41 minutes inside. 

 This doesn’t include driving time. 

 In response, many grocery stores are following an increasingly popular trend — offering online ordering and delivery to your vehicle in the store parking lot.

 This eliminates the need for shoppers to go into the store.  


 Both VG’s in Fenton, the Silver Parkway location and the North LeRoy Street location, offer Fast Lane. 

 “Fast Lane is for anyone who is short on time or who prefers the convenience of curbside pickup or at-home delivery. Fast Lane also ties in with our ‘Yes’ loyalty program, giving store guests a convenient way to clip digital coupons and save money on many of the items they buy every day,” said Matt Van Gilder, director of ecommerce at SpartanNash, parent company of VG’s. 

 More than 60 of their stores throughout the Midwest currently offer Fast Lane. Hundreds of orders come through the two Fenton locations every week. The program has been active for more than a year and a half, and it’s only grown. 

 “Across the Fast Lane program in general, we are seeing double digit growth compared to last year, with the two Fenton VG’s locations ahead of that trend and outpacing many other markets,” Van Gilder said. “We get a lot of positive comments from working families with kids who think the Fast Lane is a life saver. It’s also great for our elderly customers, who can opt to have their groceries delivered.”

 Online delivery is growing. Both Fenton VG’s provide same-day home delivery to zip codes 48430 and 48451 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Orders can be delivered in as little as two hours.

 “Customers more than ever are looking for convenience, whether that is curbside pickup, delivery or a quick trip in and out of the store. Our goal is to provide our customers with multiple shopping options to ensure we can accommodate their various needs,” Van Gilder said. 

 At shopthefastlane.com, find the

Fenton locations and go the “shop

online” tab. It will ask if you want to order a pick up order, schedule a home delivery or simply make an in-store shopping list. Users, who park in the designated Fast

Lane parking spots, are charged a $4.95 pick fee. Delivery costs the $4.95 pick fee plus $9.99 delivery fee, and a tip if giving one is desired.


 Alpine Marketplace in Linden also offers online ordering at alpinemarketplace.com. Marvin Yono, owner, implemented the system about a year ago. The store receives approximately 20 orders a week, and Yono wants to see that number rise. 

 “It’s been good. I think we need to focus more on it and try to get more people to use it. It’s a very convenient option, especially for people with kids. They might not have an hour to grocery shop,” he said. 

 Go to “shop now” and you’ll see rows of categories with products to choose. Once users start selecting items, they can use the menu bar on the left to visit other categories and find more items. Online ordering carries a $3.99 charge.

 Once the order is complete, users choose a time for pick up and wait in the dedicated parking spots for online ordering.

Big box stores

• Walmart also offers online ordering and in-parking lot pickup for groceries. Users must order at least $30 worth of groceries to qualify, and there is no extra fee. Go to grocery.walmart.com and choose which store.

• Target has Drive Up, through the Target App, which allows customers to order items online, wait in the parking lot in the designated spot, and have the purchases delivered to their car. There is no extra charge for this service.

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