Longtime Democratic incumbent John Gleason seeks reelection as Genesee County clerk. He is being challenged by Republican Jesse Couch on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

John Gleason 

(incumbent) Democrat

Age: 66

Residency: Flushing

Occupation: Genesee County Clerk

 Years of administrative experience enables me to balance the critical demands of the daily administration of the office and budget constraints. These are trying times. Finances have been slashed, and personnel has been reduced. We utilized non Genesee County taxpayer funds to leverage critical software investments in both the Clerk and Register of Deeds Offices. We went from the worst county with technological investments to a leading county with nearly $2 million in investments in the last few years. 

 We are using taxpayer money for its intended purpose. We uncovered fraud, and the misuse of millions of dollars with an aggressively sought audit. The audit revealed the transparency required and the necessary corrective actions to remain compliant with state law.

Jesse Couch


Occupation: Businessman

Residency: Mt. Morris

 It’s time for a change.  My belief is that this is the year that supporters of both parties, will make a change.  For decades, we have voted the same politicians into office, getting the same “do nothing” results. I am looking forward to making a lot of changes within the County Clerk’s Office. I have lived in Genesee County for over 40 years.  With my experience as a United States Air Force veteran and air traffic controller, I will bring integrity and precision back to the Clerk’s office. I have been a businessman in Genesee County for over 40 years, bringing with me the skills of running a business and valuing the importance of satisfied customers.  As a successful recording artist and entertainer in the Country and Gospel music business, it is my nature to connect with people and understand the different needs of all ages, races and walks of life.   

 I’m asking the voters of Genesee County, help me to make the ‘changes’

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