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The Department of Environmental Quality installed monitoring wells in downtown Linden in September 2015 after the discovery of an underground gasoline leak. 

 Linden — The Linden City Council is considering entering into an access agreement with PM Environmental for the company to place 22 extraction wells in the city, five years after an underground gasoline leak was detected in downtown Linden.

 Councilor Heather MacDermaid said, “So basically, based on all the studies and all the stuff we’ve done, we’re actually starting to do something to clean it up? Is that what we’re doing?”

 Adam Patton, national manager of site investigation services with PM Environmental, said yes. 

 In 2014, the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) discovered a gasoline leak coming from an underground storage tank at the Beacon and Bridge gas station, owned by Quick-Sav Food Stores, Ltd. PM Environmental previously installed 19 wells to monitor the gasoline levels in the soil in September 2015.

 Beacon and Bridge went back and forth with the DEQ for years before finally settling on a final assessment report March 19, 2019. 

 Beacon and Bridge hired PM Environmental for remediation services, said David LaBrecque, assistant district supervisor of the Remediation and Redevelopment Division from the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy. 

 The corrective action plan includes a multi-phase extraction system. It’s projected to be operational sometime this fall. 

 If the agreement is approved, PM Environmental will install 13 extraction wells on the west side and nine wells on the east side of Bridge Street and the northern right of way on Broad Street. It will form an underground network of pipes that meet at one point, which will be connected to additional treatment system equipment. PM Environmental proposed to locate this system within the basement of 109 Bridge Street, near Thimbleberry Antiques.

 Once the remediation is complete, there will be additional monitoring to ensure the wells were effective over time. 

 “It’s basically a giant vacuum. It’s all underground,” Patton said. 

 He doesn’t expect the equipment to disrupt foot traffic or motorists. PM Environmental will pay for the wells on behalf of Beacon and Bridge. 

 “The proposed time frame for operation of the MPE (multi-phrase extraction) system is for a period of 36-months, after that time they will evaluate whether continued operation of the system is required, supplemental corrective actions are required, or that the site conditions support pursuing closure,” LaBrecque said. 

 They will monitor the wells during these months, and once everything is complete, PM Environmental will continue to monitor the wells for another two years after they are shut down.

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