Slingshot, a dog from Gaines, was inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records for farthest jump by a dog in dock jumping.

 In July 2018, the 4-year-old whippet, owned by Rachael and Dan Brinkman of Einstein Dog Training in Fenton, set a national record in the event Friday, July 20 at Farmington Fido Fest when he jumped 31 feet and 2 inches.

 He jumped even farther less than two months later on Sept. 2, 2018 when he jumped 35 feet and 3 inches in Brookville, Ohio. The jump happened at K9 Splash Zone, a North America Diving Dogs (NADD) sanctioned event.

 This jump is a Guinness World Record.

 “It was intense. It was a whirlwind of emotions,” Rachael Brinkman said. The 2018 season was busy for Slingshot. He set 12 records for multiple organizations.

The Ohio event was a qualifier for the championship, which was held in Orlando, Florida this past December. Brinkman had plans for Slingshot to compete, but about six weeks before the date, Slingshot broke his tail.

 “He was on strict crate rest. No exercise except leash walking,” she said. But, right before the championship, he was given the okay to compete. He had one day of practice and then competed in Orlando.

 He took second place.

 “It was amazing he was able to pull that off after six weeks of rest,” Brinkman said.

 The Brinkman’s will receive a certificate and a plaque for Slingshot setting the world record.

 “To people that don’t know the dog sports lingo, when I tell them that it’s the Guinness Book of World Record ... people understand that kind of accomplishment. It’s exciting to have reached that,” she said.

 Slingshot is back on track with his training and is currently preparing for a competition in Illinois next weekend. Then they’re headed to Colorado for the Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge Qualifier.

 The 4-year-old whippet also will be featured on TV starting this weekend for three Saturdays in a row. He won a dock diving competition at the Super Retriever Series Crown Championship, where he set a record. The event will air on the Discovery Channel.

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