In a nod to the city of Fenton as a foodie destination and great supporter of the arts, the Fenton Arts Council, (creator and producer of “Arts Are The Heart” events), will be handing out DIY take home art boxes.

The boxes will be handed out at the Thursday, June 10 Fenton Street Experience, beginning at 4 p.m. The Fenton Arts Council will be on LeRoy Street, between City Hall and the Police Department.

In the box, participants will find air dry clay and acrylic paint pots and supplies to sculpt food themed mini sculptures. These sculptures are inspired by two famous artists with food based subjects; Claus Oldenburg and Wayne Thiebaud. These artists as well as the ongoing exhibit at the Flint Institute of Arts; ‘Blue Plate Special,” glass art by John Miller turn standbys of American Cuisine into wonderful works of art.

For “hungry” artists from youth to adults these take home art boxes are expected to spark the imagination and engage makers to view food from a whole new perspective.

Fenton Arts Council also plans to distribute a second take home art box that is a multi-generational project to create a learning and cultural experience called “yarn art.”

A limited number of boxes will be available each date.

For details, email or leave a message at (810) 354-5659.

“Arts Are The Heart” 2021 events also include two Art Exhibits at Cause & Effect Gallery, PopUp Art Stations, and StoryWalk.

These programs are sponsored in part by the Genesee County Share Art Genesee Grant Program and by the Genesee County Arts Education and Cultural Enrichment Millage funds — your tax dollars at work.

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