Nov 2019 Fenton Major

 On Tuesday, Nov. 5, the race for the office of mayor in the city of Fenton will involve two long-time public servants — incumbent Mayor B. Sue Osborn, who has served city government for 34 years, and her opponent Cheryl King, who previously served on the City Council for 24 years.  

B. Sue Osborn

Age: 71

Length of residency: 44 years

Occupation: Retired income tax auditor

Education: Graduate of the State and Local Executive Program, Harvard University, J.F.K. School of Government and numerous college courses in Tax Law and Tax Theory

Family: My husband, David, passed away July 17, 2019. I have two sons, Chris Suszek 49, and Curt Suszek, 45, and one granddaughter, Payton Suszek, 18 years old.

What is your most important reason for seeking re-election to the office of Mayor of Fenton? I want to see downtown completed and business development, plus repair and replace local streets, increase shared services. I love this city and the people and want to continue moving Fenton forward.

What qualifies you for the job? I am a retired income tax auditor and understand city government. I received a $10,000 Fellowship from Fannie Mae to attend and graduated from the State and Local Executive Program, Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government. I have over 34 years of experience in government and the last 21 years as your mayor.

 I understand the budget and operations of the city. I led the city through a tornado and repaired the damage, the recession a few years back and kept our budget stable, built a new fire hall, new DPW garage, new downtown award-winning Streetscape, a new water plant, restored the library, all without a tax increase.

 I have Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond Leadership levels through the National League of Cities. I have served on the Planning Commission, Board of Review, Downtown Development Authority, Brownfield Authority, served on the Governmental Accounting Standards Advisory Council for the nation and was vice-chair of Finance for the National League of Cities.

Cheryl King

Age: 71

Length of residency: 45 years

Occupation: Retired

Education: High school graduate and one year of college

Family: Husband James D. King; two children, Jason King (1969-1998) and Melissa Scarberry; two grandchildren, Baylee and Logan Scarberry

What is your most important reason for seeking election to the office of Mayor of Fenton? I feel it is time for change. All issues coming from the Planning Commission or Board of Appeals should come with a recommendation. Council voting would be by individual voice vote (not group yea/nay). We need to open meetings

by live-streaming them, thus communicating council meetings and annual budget sessions directly to the public so taxpayers can understand what is happening in our city and where our money goes.

What qualifies you for the job? I have served on the City Council for 24 years (1989 to 1997, and 1999 to 2015) with the gap between to handle family matters. I spearheaded the Shiawassee River Cleanup for 20 years. I was involved with the court-ordered Community Service program, using offenders as volunteers and for 20 years walked side by side with them cleaning 6.1 miles of river. I am the past council representative to the Fenton Parks and Recreation Board, Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Beautification Commission, Museum Board, member of the Michigan Municipal League, representative to Genesee County Sheriff Auto Theft Unit. I am a past representative to the Loose Senior Center Board, chairperson of three Loose Senior Center fundraisers and former mayor pro-tem on the Fenton City Council.

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