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Fenton Water Plant Supervisor Stephen Guy

 Stephen Guy, supervisor for the city of Fenton’s water plant, has asked the City Council to approve spending up to $30,000 for the overhaul of the motor and pump at well number eight.

 In a memo to City Manager Lynn Markland, Guy said every year Peerless Midwest comes to the water plant and performs routine maintenance and testing on all of the well pumps and high service pumps.

 “The testing that is done profiles the performance not only of the well but also of the pump,” Guy said. “In April of 2019, tests showed that the performance of well eight is off by almost 19 percent below design capacity.

 “Well number eight is a somewhat special part of the system,” he said. “If there is ever a reason that the water treatment plant needs to be bypassed, well number eight is the only one designed to do it.”

 Peerless Midwest was the company that pulled and overhauled well eight in 2009 and have quoted the work at a price not to exceed $30,000. This includes overhaul of the pump including all the inner parts and column pipe. “Also done when the pump is pulled is a video inspection of the casing to make sure there are no problems with it,” Guy said.

 In addition to well number eight, Guy asked for a new valve installation of well six at a cost of $2,500.

 At its Monday, Oct. 14 meeting, officials are expected to approve accepting Peerless’ quote for a total of $32,500 for work on wells eight and six.

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